Be the passenger

It started with a yellow letter addressed to me and my husband. “Thank you for your continued residency at (address),” the letter began. It then went on to inform us that our current lease was ending on June 1, and because they require a 60-day written notice, we needed to notify our landlord no later than April 1 of our intentions to stay or leave. The plan was always to leave. My husband would find a job as an assistant professor, graduate in the spring, and we would move to a new location to begin the next chapter of our […]

Why New Year’s Matters

I don’t subscribe to the idea that January 1st is just another day. I don’t believe that the New Year is a trivial holiday. In fact, I think the transition from one year to the next can be one of the most significant times we experience every 12 months. Why? Because it reminds us that time only moves in one direction. Another year has passed and when I reflect on those 12 months, I have mixed emotions. 2016 was not my favorite year. My cat died suddenly in July. I failed to run a sub-4 marathon time in Chicago. I chickened […]

The Sound of Silence

What do you do when you put something out there, wait for a response and… Silence. No one is commenting. No one is sharing. You’re not even sure if anyone is even reading. You’ve cast your light out into the world, hoping it would draw somewhere near, but there’s not a soul in sight. What do you do? That’s the situation I’m facing in my writing and social media channels. I put something out there. I think I’m going to get a response. And all I hear are crickets. It’s disheartening and discouraging. But it’s also incredibly freeing. I recently […]

Choose Alignment Over Fear

What if the decisions you’ve made have been rooted in fear? I’m not really sure where the question came from and why it popped into my head while I was driving home from work. Perhaps it had been there for a long time, lurking somewhere deep in my subconscious, just waiting for the right moment to slap me upside my head and force me to face reality. Apparently that moment was sometime after 5:30 p.m. while heading eastbound on I-94. I suppose the question came up because I already knew the answer — yes, I’ve made a lot of decisions […]

Twenty Seven

Today is my last day as a 26-year-old. I will never experience this age ever again. By tomorrow morning at approximately 8:20 a.m., I will officially be 27. Birthdays shouldn’t feel like a surprise. We know exactly when they are. It’s one of the few events we can mark on our calendars every year for eternity. And yet, each one seems to sneak up on me. I get wrapped up in the busyness of life and the days go by quickly. Summer cools into fall, fall loses its beauty to winter, winter hangs around for much too long, then spring […]

A Very Good Place to Start

As Julie Andrews famously sang, “Let’s start at the very beginning. A very good place to start.” I’ve attempted this start many times over many months. Normally the start is easy for me. A little too easy. I get swept up in the excitement of starting a new journey. Of taking that leap in pursuing a new path. I have a vision in my head of what I want to happen and I’m ready to roll. But then something changes. What felt so easy and fun starts to feel like a chore. My path and progress doesn’t look the way […]