Be the passenger

It started with a yellow letter addressed to me and my husband. “Thank you for your continued residency at (address),” the letter began. It then went on to inform us that our current lease was ending on June 1, and because they require a 60-day written notice, we needed to notify our landlord no later than April 1 of our intentions to stay or leave. The plan was always to leave. My husband would find a job as an assistant professor, graduate in the spring, and we would move to a new location to begin the next chapter of our […]

Trust yourself

It’s 5 p.m. on a Saturday and I’m in the middle of running 48 laps around the indoor track at the gym. It’s an easy run that I don’t have to think much about, but given the fact that my last run was outside in shorts and a t-shirt (who knew it could get into the 60s in February — in Wisconsin?!) having to run in circles inside is quickly becoming a bore. So I do what normally works when I feel my mental focus fading on a run: think about the race I’m training for. As I start picturing […]