Take care of your vessel

It’s Saturday morning. My head hurts a little from the very little sleep I’m running on but here I am, lying on my yoga mat with some 200 other people inside the Milwaukee Art Museum. “Now let your knees fall to the right side,” says the yoga instructor. In unison we come to this slight variation of the fetal position. I place my hands on my heart and close my eyes. Our 75-minute session is winding down and I’m ready to let the poses and stretches I just put my body through soak in. I breathe. As the yoga instructor […]

What would they do?

You registered for a marathon, but now you don’t feel like getting your long run in. You said this was the year you were finally going to eat healthy and get in a gym routine, but now you just want to order a pizza (and eat the entire thing in one sitting). You promised you’d pay off your debt and watch your spending so you wouldn’t have to worry about paying rent, but now your friends are going shopping and you could really use a new pair of boots. You’ve put aside time every day to work on that side […]